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We have teamed up with ICPA chair Tony Margaritelli to bring you this free webinar which tackles HMRC, MTDfB and how the changes will affect you.

Will compliance work vanish or diminish greatly? How can we help small firms’ ‘straightforward’ clients who are below the VAT threshold, have no employees and likely not bookkeeping either? What solutions are ICPA proposing and have they tested them? Tony will answer all of these questions and more.

Stay ahead of the curve and discover how bringing your firm into the digital era will make even the smallest of clients much easier to handle, as well as ensuring that you are more profitable.

Attend this live, interactive webinar and discover:

  • The latest up-to-the-minute facts on MTDfB and the 24 month road map ahead
  • Chilling findings from recent HMRC strategy team gatherings and the HMRC Key Stakeholders Group
  • The implications for accountants in practice
  • Why accountants will remain vital in the months ahead
  • How to retain all your clients and helpful tips on how to secure even more
  • The hidden and the obvious dangers of HMRC’s free software and free app
  • How new solutions forced on us by HMRC can bring positive change to the January hiatus

And it doesn’t stop there: get your hands on an exclusive offer for webinar attendees. Listen to find out more!

HMRC & MTDfB: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Daniel likes to ensure that his web events are small, informal and allow for live Q&A. Therefore, Daniel chooses to limit delegates to just 200 accountancy firms.
Registration is therefore taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

This material has been designed, written, crafted and created for UK accountancy firms. That means that every idea you hear is proven, tried and tested. It’s been heavily researched, supported by fact and can be trusted.

Limited By Design

Accountants Only

Attend and you will hear validated, proven content whilst gaining valuable CPD points.

All our webinars provide in-depth and high quality training tailored around a specific topic.

CPD Points

Plus, your free MTD pack when you attend, including:

  1. Live Q&A with questions answered on the spot
  2. Full recording of the web-event delivered to your inbox
  3. PDF copy of the slides
  4. Plus, access to 4 'must read' documents

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By Tony Margaritelli

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